What’s next for Wallace Boden in Chicago Fire season 11?

"Dead Zone" Episode 1006 -- Pictured: Eamonn Walker as Wallace Boden -- (Photo by: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC)
"Dead Zone" Episode 1006 -- Pictured: Eamonn Walker as Wallace Boden -- (Photo by: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC) /

There is no Firehouse 51 without Wallace Boden. What is next for Eamonn Walker’s character in Chicago Fire season 11? Will he still be around?

The key art for Chicago Fire season 11 is out, and it makes one thing clear. Eamonn Walker’s Wallace Boden is definitely returning. We didn’t think anything otherwise, but there is always that collective sigh of relief when we learn our favorite characters are coming back.

Boden has seen some major changes in his career in recent seasons. He’s been promoted to Deputy District Chief of District 4. This was supposed to lead to him moving out of the Firehouse 51 office, but Kylie found a way for him to stay.

By the end of the season, he was pretty settled in the job that he has now. He also walked Stella down the aisle for her marriage to Severide. Now we need to know what’s to come next.

What will happen to Wallace Boden in Chicago Fire season 11?

Considering the ending to season 10, we’re not so worried about Boden in Chicago Fire season 11. He seems pretty sturdy in his job. While there was a comment about moving the office to Firehouse 51, it did make sense to keep him central in the district. That was the whole reason of moving him out in the first place.

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Of course, each season, we see Boden’s job at risk. There is always someone who wants to come after him. During season 10, he put his job on the line for Lieutenant Jason Pelham. He and Stella went out of their way to prove Pelham had been routinely thrown under the bus so he could remain at 51. Pelham then returned that favor by taking another lieutenant spot so Stella could take Truck 81.

There will likely be something else that comes up putting Boden’s job on the line. Could it be linked to the paramedic storyline? Will he find a way to protect Hawkins so Hawkins and Violet can be together and Emma is no longer a problem? Boden hasn’t been involved in the paramedic side of things since his promotion, so that doesn’t seem likely. Instead, we’ll likely see Boden dealing with issues with Truck, Engine, and Squad.

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