Chicago Fire showrunner confirms we haven’t seen the last of SPOILER

There is always some sort of ongoing trouble for characters here and there in Chicago Fire. There’s one particular character who will return.

Caution: There are some potential spoilers in this post about Chicago Fire season 11.

If you thought some of the villain storylines came to an end in anticlimatic ways, you’re not alone. There are some storylines mentioned in the Chicago Fire season 11 premiere that suggested future trouble on the cards.

In an interview with TV Insider, EPs Derek Haas and Andrea Newman talked about some of the storylines, and one character, in particular, came up. It’s all about Troy Winbush’s Detective Pryma.

Expect more Pryma in Chicago Fire season 11

In the Chicago Fire season 11 premiere, Pryma was there to save Severide and Kidd that night at the cabin. At first, things were good, but Severide couldn’t let the idea of a mole in the CPD go. He had to find out who that mole was, but Pryma told Severide to stay out of it. This mole was a criminal informant, and it sounds like he was an important player for Pryma’s investigations.

When Severide pulled in a favor from higher up the chain, the CI’s name came out. Pryma was not happy about it and mentioned how Severide had lost a friend in the CPD. What did Pryma mean by that?

Well, it turns out we’re sure to find out. Haas confirmed that the premiere is not the last we’ve seen of Pryma. While he couldn’t go into more details, it does appear that Pryma will be a threat to Severide moving forward. Or maybe Severide will realize that he needs Pryma on his side only to realize that Pryma is going to make things difficult.

What do you hope to see with Pryma in the future? What did you think of Severide using his contacts to get the details of the CI? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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