Chicago Fire spoilers: Did Brett say yes to Casey’s proposal?

Matt Casey surprised Sylvie Brett with a proposal in the Chicago Fire season 11 finale. Did Brett say yes? What’s in store for the two of them?

Caution: This post contains spoilers from the Chicago Fire Season 11 finale.

Not all proposals are planned out and romantic. Some of them happen in the spur of the moment, and that was the case in the Chicago Fire season 11 finale. Right at the door where Casey and Brett had their first kiss, Casey got down on one knee and proposed.

This came just after Brett had been dumped by Dylan, when he made it clear that while he wanted a family eventually, that wasn’t something on his mind right now. Brett then found out—thanks to Mouch, Kidd, Violet, and Casey—that she would get the chance to adopt the baby girl left at the firehouse. That baby is called Julia, now.

Will Brett say yes to Casey in Chicago Fire?

The finale left us with a few questions. One of those was whether Brett would say yes to Casey or not. He got down on one knee, and it’s clear that Brett still has feelings for him, but we didn’t hear an answer.

Casey is willing to raise a family with Brett. He has always been a man interested in having a family, and now he has two boys who he’s taken over guardianship of. He made it clear that he was willing to raise Julia with Brett in his proposal.

There’s just a huge problem: the distance. This is what caused Brett and Casey to break up in the first place. However, Brett did say to Kidd that while the distance is hard, when you get back together, it’s like the distance never mattered. Was that a sign that she was willing to give the long-distance relationship a chance with Casey?

We’ll have to wait until the season 12 premiere now, which could be in the fall or it could be in 2024. Nobody knows with the writers strike.

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