Chicago Fire: Will Brett say no to Casey’s proposal?

CHICAGO FIRE -- "Red Waterfall" Episode 1122 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey, Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett -- (Photo by: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC)
CHICAGO FIRE -- "Red Waterfall" Episode 1122 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey, Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett -- (Photo by: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC) /

Wedding bells are in the air. At least, that’s what Casey (Jesse Spencer) was hoping for when he got down on one knee and proposed to Brett (Kara Killmer) in the Chicago Fire season 11 finale. The characters had been revisiting the past all episode, and Casey revealed that he wants to give their relationship another try. A permanent one.

In classic Chicago Fire fashion, though, the episode ends before Brett answers. Fans will have to wait months before finding out whether she said yes or no. With that in mind, we’re here to throw some speculative theories out there as to what will happen to Brettsey in season 12.

Are Casey and Brett engaged on Chicago Fire?

Not to rain on anybody’s parade, but the issue that led to Casey and Brett breaking up in the first place is still an issue: the fact that the former lives in Oregon. Brett couldn’t do long-distance for an indefinite period of time, which is why she ended things in the season 11 premiere.

If she were to say yes to Casey’s proposal, one of two things would need to happen. Either she moves to Oregon with him, which means she leaves the show altogether, or Casey moves back to Chicago, which means he would be rejoining the show (at least in a part-time capacity).

Neither of these outcomes seem very likely. For one, Kara Killmer has not announced any plans to leave the show, and even if the writers considered wrapping up her storyline, Fire needs veteran cast members now more than ever. It’s still unclear if Taylor Kinney will be returning to the show, so the notion of writing off others seems risky.

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Then there’s the Jesse Spencer of it all. The actor has been game when it comes to reprising his character in cameos and one-off appearances, but he was the one who decided to leave the show full-time in season 10. Unless he were to announce that he’s coming back to Fire as a main cast member again, the odds of his character coming back are slim.

Plus, Casey made a multiple-year commitment to raising the Darden boys when he first left, so it wouldn’t reflect particularly well on him if he were to up and leave before then. We get the sense that Casey and Brett will end up together by the end of the show, but we don’t think they will be getting engaged the very next time fans see them.

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