Chicago Fire season 12: Will Jesse Spencer return as Matt Casey?

As we continue to wait for Chicago Fire season 12 to premiere, we look at potential returns and exits. Will Jesse Spencer be back as Matt Casey?

While Jesse Spencer left Chicago Fire back in the 10th season, it wasn’t for good. We’ve seen Matt Casey return now and then. This is something that works well with Spencer still living in Chicago with his family. It makes traveling for filming very easy.

With the exit came questions about Brett and Casey. It looked like they were going to break up. Brett couldn’t handle the distance, and she wasn’t interested in leaving Chicago for Portland. However, Casey also wasn’t ready to completely give up on their love story. At the end of Chicago Fire season 11’s finale, he proposed.

Will Jesse Spencer return in Chicago Fire season 12?

The proposal was left on a cliffhanger. There is a good chance that Brett will say yes. She knows that Casey’s move to Portland isn’t permanent, and it’s clear that his current job brings him back to Chicago now and then. As the Griffin boys get more and more settled with Casey being there for them, he feels comfortable to travel more.

If Brett does say yes, it should mean more Casey on our screens. After all, we’ll see to see more of the two of them together. Of course, there are ways around this, such as writing Brett out for a few episodes as she goes to Portland to visit Casey or for them to have phone conversations instead.

With so many relationships not working on the series, I need to see this one work. So, I want to say that Spencer will return, even if it’s just for an episode here or there.

Of course, it’s hard to say anything for certain just yet. The strike action is still going on and writing hasn’t even started for Chicago Fire season 12.

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