Chicago Fire reveals which episode will introduce new firefighter

We will be getting a new 51 team member in season 12!
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Chicago Fire is cleaning and restocking house. The firefighting drama will be saying goodbye to Blake Gallo (Alberto Rosende) and Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer), in addition to saying goodbye a second time to Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer). There is, however, a silver lining.

Chicago Fire will also be adding a brand new firefighter named Jake Gibson (Rome Flynn). At first it was unclear which character he would be stepping in to replace, but the additional details about his character, coupled with how early he will be introduced, has given us a pretty good idea...

Jake Gibson will debut in Chicago Fire season 12, episode 2

Rome Flynn
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Jake Gibson will be introduced in the second episode of season 12, which means he will come in exactly one week after Gallo has packed up his things and left. According to Deadline, Gibson is a former boxer who has fallen on hard times, and who is asked to join the 51 truck after saving a few civilians during an emergency.

Given that Gibson is offered a truck spot, it's safe to assume that he is being asked to fill the role that Gallo previously occupied. This also tracks with what we know about Brett's plans to leave. Gallo will be the first cast member to exit in season 12, so not only will Brett have more screen time, but the show will have more time to find a paramedic replacement for her.

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Gallo's exit appears sudden; hence the quick turnaround with Gibson. The actor who plays Gibson, Rome Flynn, told Pop Culturalist that he's made a point of making very deliberate choices with his acting career, and only taking on roles that he finds compelling. Evidently, Gibson passed the test:

""I’m more targeted on the things that I want, which I feel like is a necessity to any person’s success. Every show that I’ve worked on has brought some sort of enlightenment. It’s a journey. Every time I go and play another character, I always leave it feeling like I gained something.""

Gibson will be a fire truck replacement for Blake Gallo

Chicago Fire - Season 9
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Flynn is one of several actors who have joined the One Chicago franchise in the last two years. His peers include Benjamin Levy Aguilar on Chicago PD and Luke Mitchell on Chicago Med.

While it may be daunting to some fans, Med star Jessy Schram told TV Guide that the cast changes were actually exciting. "I think it will be nice to have some new faces," she noted. "I think it will be very fun to see where the dynamics are."

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