Chicago Fire star gives fans a behind the scenes tour on IG

Jake Lockett decided to put his down time to good use on the set!
Premiere Of Parade Deck’s “Lycan” - Arrivals
Premiere Of Parade Deck’s “Lycan” - Arrivals / Albert L. Ortega/GettyImages

Jake Lockett is settling into his fan-favorite position on Chicago Fire. His character, Sam Carver, was a little hot-heated out the gate, but he's learned to be more of a leader and a team player, and Lockett has nailed the performance. He's also become one of the best at posting behind-the-scenes content on social media.

Lockett knows that we're bummed to have to wait until May for new episodes, so he decided to treat us to a special set tour via his Instagram. The actor posts weekly videos whenever there isn't a new episode, and they've provided us with some amazing insight into the show's production.

Lockett has delighted fans during the Fire hiatus

On April 17, Lockett invited fans into his trailer for a "virtual" tour of sorts. He shows off his wardrobe, for both aesthetic and warmth purposes. "You got the warming jacket in case it's minus four, cuse you know, that happens," he noted. The actor also shows off his couch (ideal for the occasional nap) and a yoga mat to limber up before shooting starts.

The week prior, when Chicago Fire officially went on break, Lockett posted a compilation of outtakes and exclusive footage involving him and co-stars like Christian Stolte and Hanako Greensmith. There were even clips with cast members who have since left the show, like Rome Flynn and Kara Killmer.

Lockett appreciates Fire's "family" environment

Lockett has really taken to the family environment that Chicago Fire is known for. The actor talked about joining the show with NBC Insider, and how relieved he was to find how nice the cast and crew are. He asserted that the friendship element of the show has been his favorite part thus far:

""These people really and honestly care about each other like family. And that was not lost in the transition to making this a television show. It's honestly been my favorite part of being here."

Lockett's character is getting more and more screen time as the show progresses, and we theorized previously that he's being positioned as the "new version" of Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney). Severide is still around, obviously, but Carver seems to be taking up the mantle of brave and instinct-driven firefighter for future seasons.

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