Watch Chicago Med stars’ best other roles with this playlist

Colin Donnell as Scotty and Mare Winningham as Cherry in The Affair (season 2, episode 12). - Photo: Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME - Photo ID: TheAffair_212_3996
Colin Donnell as Scotty and Mare Winningham as Cherry in The Affair (season 2, episode 12). - Photo: Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME - Photo ID: TheAffair_212_3996 /

Chicago Med fans can get their fix and check out Chicago Med stars’ other great projects over hiatus with One Chicago Center’s summer playlist.

Looking for something to watch until Chicago Med returns in September? Still want your fix of Chicago Med stars, even though the show isn’t on the air?

That’s where we come in. One Chicago Center has curated a playlist of five great projects that feature Chicago Med actors or actresses in other roles, so that you can watch some of your favorite stars until they return to Gaffney Chicago Medical Center.

There are only two criteria: we’re limiting our list to our favorite five projects, not one for every series regular (because we know you also want to enjoy your summer vacation!) and our choices must be available to stream or purchase online (so they’re available for you to watch now!).

Check out our Chicago Med hiatus playlist below, and happy summer viewing:

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1. Colin Donnell in The Affair (Hulu)

As Dr. Connor Rhodes, Colin Donnell had plenty of romantic drama thrown at him during the latest season of Chicago Med. If you want to see another of his characters making questionable life choices, may we direct you to The Affair.

Colin recurs during the Showtime drama’s first and second seasons as Scotty Lockhart, who seems like a nice guy until you find out about the side business that he, his brother and his sister-in-law Alison (Ruth Wilson) are involved in.

Oh, and his sister-in-law is cheating on Scotty’s brother Cole (Joshua Jackson from Fringe). And Scotty gets hit on by the teenage daughter of the man Alison winds up cheating with. And that, honestly, is just the start. Find it on Hulu and brace yourself for a lot of drama.

2. Nick Gehlfuss in Shameless (Hulu)

Speaking of Showtime programs, before Nick Gehlfuss played Dr. Will Halstead on Chicago Med, he had a recurring role of his own on Shameless. He appeared in half of the show’s fourth season as Robbie Pratt, the brother of Mike (future Limitless star Jake McDorman).

Though Mike is dating Fiona Gallagher (Emmy Rossum), that doesn’t stop her from sleeping with Robbie in the third episode—another indiscretion but much worse than the one Will committed during the most recent season of Med. If you feel like Manstead is too complicated for you right now, watch what unfolds after that and you’ll probably wind up feeling much better about their prospects.

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3. Brian Tee in Crash (Amazon Video)

Remember the critically acclaimed movie Crash? Remember that Starz spun off a TV show based on the movie, that was actually the first original show ever on Starz? Yep, that happened a decade ago and Brian Tee was part of the main cast.

Like the movie, Crash the series featured a large cast of characters whose stories intertwined. It’s either a very cool coincidence or maybe some foreshadowing that Brian Tee’s character happened to be a paramedic named Eddie Choi, before he’d go on to play Dr. Ethan Choi.

He only appears in the show’s first season, but it’s a show that’s different from Chicago Med with a character who has just enough similarities to Chicago Med to keep One Chicago fans intrigued.

4. Oliver Platt in The West Wing (Netflix)

We’ve said this before, but Oliver Platt was a boss in The West Wing. His portrayal of White House Counsel Oliver Babish was one of the greatest recurring roles in a show overflowing with talented actors. There’s a reason he earned an Emmy Award nomination for his eight episodes.

Introduced in The West Wing season 3, Babish is completely on another wavelength compared to Dr. Daniel Charles. Where Charles is calm and almost too calm in most circumstances, Babish is a real ball-buster who doesn’t mince words. It’s fun to see Oliver Platt chew the scenery here when he has a much more restrained role on our show. After watching this, you’ll wish Charles was a bit more like Oliver Babish.

5. Torrey DeVitto in The Vampire Diaries (Netflix)

Before she was Dr. Natalie Manning, Torrey DeVitto played a doctor on The CW‘s The Vampire Diaries. Her Dr. Meredith Fell appeared in 12 episodes between The Vampire Diaries season 3 and season 4.

Meredith dates Alaric Saltzman (Matt Davis) while trying to help him, and again, that relationship makes the arguments of Manstead seem pretty tame. At least Will’s not racking up a body count! But the supernatural element is a new kind of drama for Chicago Med fans to enjoy, while also seeing Torrey in another strong role.

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Use the links above to check out these great projects featuring the stars of Chicago Med and we’ll see you when Chicago Med season 4 begins Sept. 26 on NBC!