Chicago Med season 4 adds two new medical students

CHICAGO MED -- Pictured: "Chicago Med" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBC)
CHICAGO MED -- Pictured: "Chicago Med" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBC) /

Chicago Med will welcome two medical students to the hospital, as two new actors have signed on for recurring roles during Chicago Med season 4.

The staff of Chicago Med is expanding next season, as the show has cast two actors to appear in Chicago Med season 4 as new medical students.

Colby Lewis, whose only television credit is playing an unnamed student in a 2010 episode of One Tree Hill, is playing Terry McNeal. Terry abandoned his plans of playing NFL football and decided to go to medical school instead.

Molly Bernard, best known as Lauren Heller on the TV Land comedy-drama Younger, will portray Elsa Curry, who a Deadline report describes as “intelligent, know-it-all, intense and overconfident” prone to “impatience and arrogance.”

Both characters will recur throughout the season, though we don’t know for exactly how many episodes. It’s reasonably possible that they’ll be introduced during the season 4 premiere on Sept. 26.

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It’s not surprising that Chicago Med would want to introduce medical students. Dr. Sarah Reese (Rachel DiPillo) started the show as a med student, but has long since moved on.

Jeff Clarke (Jeff Hephner) was a med student during the second season, and Noah Sexton (Roland Buck III) has also since moved on to becoming a resident. So the student perspective isn’t currently part of the show.

But the question is, what will these two characters specifically contribute to the new season?

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There’s nothing that sounds particularly exciting about Terry, although one wonders if his football past will be brought up.

Remember that April Sexton’s (Yaya DaCosta) ex-fiance Tate Jenkins (Deron J. Powell) was a former Chicago Bears player, so this isn’t the first connection between the NFL and the hospital. So if Terry works with April, and as a med student he probably will, is the show going to recall that?

The Elsa character sounds very similar to Dr. Ava Bekker (Norma Kuhling), who joined the show as a series regular this last season. You could apply the descriptors of Elsa to Ava and they would still fit perfectly. So aside from their different job titles, what is Elsa going to bring that Ava hasn’t done already?

Or, like Ava, is she just going to stir up conflict for conflict’s sake, but in the ED rather than as part of the cardiothoracic surgery team? Chicago Med doesn’t necessarily need another character that provides more inter-hospital drama; the show already had plenty of that in its existing dynamics. In fact, season 3 might have been stronger if it had less fighting between doctors and more time for the medicine.

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Yet since Gaffney Chicago Medical Center is a teaching hospital, it makes sense that the show is looking to bring in new students. And these are just general descriptions—who knows where the new arrivals will go once we meet them? Audiences will find out if they have what it takes when the new season begins next month.

Chicago Med returns Sept. 26 on NBC.