Chicago Fire season 1, episode 14 rewatch: A Little Taste

Chicago Fire season 1 key art. Photo Credit: Courtesy of NBC.
Chicago Fire season 1 key art. Photo Credit: Courtesy of NBC. /

Look back at where Chicago Fire began this summer. Read our retrospective on the fourteenth episode as we rewatch Chicago Fire season 1, episode 14.

Over the One Chicago summer break, we’re looking back at where it all began by rewatching the first seasons of our shows—and today we’re revisiting Chicago Fire season 1, episode 14.

If you want to rewatch this episode along with us, you can find Chicago Fire season 1 on iTunes and DVD.

“A Little Taste” originally aired more than six years ago, on Feb. 6, 2013, and it was mostly about the various personal dramas that were already surrounding Firehouse 51. Plus, there was a brief callback to the tragic events of the pilot.

The main storyline involved Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) returning to work, only to find out that maybe he should have stayed away. Not only is he the target of an arsonist, but the new arrival is his former fiancee’s brother.

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Eric Whaley was played by Shane McRae, who’s known now for his role as Taylor Bowman in the recently cancelled Amazon drama Sneaky Pete.

Before appearing in One Chicago, he also guest starred in two episodes of Dick Wolf‘s Law & Order: Criminal Intent, playing different characters in 2006 and 2011.

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Naturally, Whaley wasn’t a fan of Severide’s, because it’d be a boring episode if they got along. He blamed Kelly for calling off the wedding—not knowing that he had done so because Eric’s sister had cheated on Kelly beforehand!

(This also revisited one of the quirks that Chicago Fire fans have pointed out numerous times over the years: that both Severide’s ex-fiancee and his first serious love interest on the show were named Renee. To this day, it’s still kind of weird.)

But Severide wasn’t the only one with drama in “A Little Taste.” Gabriela Dawson (Monica Raymund) was trying to navigate her new relationship with Peter Mills (Charlie Barnett), even if it was obvious that the two would never last. Case in point: this episode had Dawson accidentally send a text for Mills to future husband Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer).

The writers were obviously trying to construct another love triangle, but it never really stuck. Even back then, Dawsey was definitely the future.

Fans will also remember this episode for two things: the official purchasing of Molly’s Bar, perhaps the most iconic location in the entire One Chicago universe, and the cliffhanger ending where fans saw Dawson’s brother Antonio (Jon Seda) shot.

Obviously, Antonio would make it through all right, but when you watch this again it’s almost a bit amusing—because years later the show would have another cliffhanger with Dawson’s dad being stabbed! Between that and the few times Casey was in peril, you realize Gabby went through a lot of worrying during her time on the show.

And while “A Little Taste” was not the most memorable episode in show history, it has its place as the one where Molly’s came to be and where we got a key piece of Severide’s backstory. You can watch it again on iTunes or DVD.

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