Hightown trailer: Chicago Fire alum Monica Raymund’s new mystery

Monica Raymund in Hightown. (James Minchin/Starz)
Monica Raymund in Hightown. (James Minchin/Starz) /

The new Hightown trailer features Chicago Fire’s Monica Raymund in a whole new light as she investigates a murder in the upcoming Starz series.

Chicago Fire may be over for the season, but Starz also chose this week to reveal the Hightown trailer and give One Chicago fans another look at Monica Raymund‘s new series.

Ironically—or perhaps in a bit of savvy marketing by the premium cable channel—the first TV ad for Hightown aired in the middle of the Chicago Fire season 8 finale.

In the Hightown trailer, Raymund’s character Jackie Quinones is first seen in a therapy session, recounting how she found a dead body on the beach the previous day.

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As she speaks viewers actually get to see the moment where Jackie finds the corpse washed up ashore—which is the inciting incident for the entire season, as Jackie and Ray Abruzzo (Rubicon‘s James Badge Dale) investigate the suspicious death.

The therapy appointment frames the rest of the chaotic Hightown trailer, including Ray’s arrival at the crime scene as well as Jackie drinking, doing drugs and picking up another woman in a Cape Cod nightclub. “Do you think you have a drug and alcohol problem?” the therapist asks her, and Jackie doesn’t have an immediate answer.

Other scenes show her snorting more cocaine, Ray telling her to stay away from the case, and a dogged Jackie researching for answers about the murder. “I could have saved this girl,” she insists.

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The tone of the show, and this early glimpse at the Jackie Quinones character, prove that Hightown will be miles away from Monica Raymund’s performance as Gabriela Dawson in the first six seasons of Fire.

And because the series is airing on premium cable, there are far less restrictions on the level of violence, sex and other adult content that can be shown—so fans definitely shouldn’t go into this expecting another Dawson.

But that change of pace might also attract viewers who want to see what else Raymund can do. She’s been busy since leaving One Chicago full-time; not only did she return for two guest spots on Fire, but she directed episodes of Law & Order: SVU and FBI, including the crossover episode between FBI and Chicago PD.

Watch the Hightown trailer below and give us your impressions of Monica Raymund’s upcoming series. Will you be watching when it premieres in May?

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