Chicago Med season 6, episode 2 preview: Those Things Hidden in Plain Sight

Chicago Med season 6, episode 2 preview.

After a hectic season premiere, Chicago Med season 6 continues this week with an episode that seems poised to kick off new storylines with new characters.

“Those Things Hidden in Plain Sight” features some new faces coming to the ED, as revealed in the photos that NBC released from the episode. But how many of them are just for this week and how many are going to stick around?

We’ll see Dr. Virani (played by Tehmina Sunny), who was introduced last week wanting Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) to help with her drug trial. Now that his relationship issues have been resolved, obviously Will is going to say yes to that request.

(And does anyone else get the feeling that Chicago Med might try to ship those two at some point?)

Meanwhile, Danielle Mone Truitt will guest star as another doctor who has something to do with Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto). Many of Natalie’s storylines involve her butting heads with other people over a patient’s treatment, so is this another one of those? If so, is Natalie going to get into more trouble?

Last but not least, it’s “take your daughter to work day” for Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt), who brings Anna with him to the hospital. This show has not had the best luck with storylines about someone’s family member showing up in the ED; usually they just cause trouble. So what’s the point of Anna’s visit? Is she volunteering—and if so, is she actually going to do the job?

When Anna was introduced at the end of last season, her storyline didn’t really resonate. If this episode shows her actually contributing to the hospital, it could go a long way toward fleshing out her character and getting the audience to care about that plotline.

Plus, the Emergency Department has a new boss, which seems sudden given that we didn’t see Dr. James Lanik (recurring guest star Nate Santana) leave last week. So what happened to him? Is he quitting or was he fired? Audiences know who his replacement is if you watched the promo, and that could be great or could just be awkward. Other than Charles we’ve never seen one of the main characters be a department head. It’s a new challenge for a new season.

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