Chicago PD producer releases Tracy Spiridakos tribute video

The show is preparing us for Upton's exit and we're not ready.
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We can't deny it any longer: Tracy Spiridakos is on her way out. If fans weren't told ahead of season 11 that the actress would be leaving Chicago PD, they might not have noticed. The character has been a supporting player in countless episodes this season, suggesting it's been business as usual. A recent social media post, however, served as a heartfelt reminder of what fans are going to be missing.

Brian Luce, a longtime producer on Chicago PD, posted a heartfelt video on his Instagram account over the weekend. The video is broken up into multiple parts, and serves as a collection of videos, photos, and fun behind-the-scenes moments involving Spiridakos.

Brian Luce posted a tribute on IG

The montage of images is accompanied by the songs "Time of Your Life" by Paul Anka and "How Do I Say Goodbye" by Dean Lewis, and features Spiridakos goofing around with co-stars like Jason Beghe and Marina Squerciati. It also includes images of the actress alongside former PD stars like Jesse Lee Soffer and Jon Seda.

Social media has been the only real source of updates regarding Spiridakos' final season. She has not made any official statements regarding Chicago PD or her decision to step away from the show, and she has avoided discussing the fate of her character, Hailey Upton, ahead of the season 11 finale.

The tribute features videos & pics

Instead, she's been posting weekly behind-the-scenes images on her Instagram, and appearing on the IG profiles of people like Squerciati and the aforementioned Luce. It's aways sad to see a veteran character leave a show, but Luce's multi-part tribute is perfect reminder of all the fun that was had along the way.

Spiridakos' Upton has been part of some of Chicago PD's darkest and most sobering moments, and getting to see her goof around on the set and make silly faces with the cast and crew is a nice respite from what is certainly going to be a grim finale.

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