Tracy Spiridakos posts heartwarming BTS photos after Chicago PD exit

The actress shared her happy memories with fans.
NBC's "One Chicago" Press Day
NBC's "One Chicago" Press Day / Timothy Hiatt/GettyImages

Tracy Spiridakos has left Chicago PD. The actress gave it her all in the season 11 finale, "More," and her character, Hailey Upton, left the Windy City behind to start fresh somewhere else. It was a very satisfying conclusion to the character, even if we didn't get a chance to see her say goodbye to the rest of the IU.

Fortunately, Spiridakos made up for the lack of goodbyes on Instagram. The actress took to social media the day the season 11 finale aired, and treated fans to dozens of previously unreleased photos from the set. These photos see Spiridakos having fun with her co-stars on the set, and laughing right before some of the season's grimmest moments.

Tracy Spiridakos was all smiles on the PD set

The actress told The Hollywood Reporter that she was pleased with the way Upton's arc ended. She also noted that the friendships she's made will last her the rest of her life, and that she plans to return to the Chicago PD set in the future:

"I’ve made such great great friendships and relationships on the show. I definitely am going to be back in Chicago, and I’m going to run on set and hug every single person I see. I can’t wait!"

Spiridakos also received praise from showrunner Gwen Sigan, as she agreed to stick around and make sure that Upton's resolution was not rushed. "It really all came together and I think this finale has been so nice because, creatively, there’s a bit of everybody in it," she noted. "And so you look at it and I’m very proud of that element of it, that there’s a piece of everybody in that finale."

The actress documented her final season on IG

Spiridakos confirmed that she would be leaving the show at the end of season 10, and her foresight allowed her to chronicle her final year on the show via Instagram. There are countless photos of her posed alongside the cast and crew.

There are also, tellingly, photos of Spiridakos with her co-stars outside of the set. The group have hung at local sports games and held dinners to celebrate the birthdays of co-stars past and present, like Jesse Lee Soffer. The close-knit quality of the PD cast is what makes the show special, and what makes Spiridakos' posts to impactful to sift through.

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