Chicago PD questions to answer: Hailey Upton

CHICAGO P.D. -- "Ties That Bind" Episode 614 -- Pictured: Tracy Spiridakos as Hailey Upton -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein)
CHICAGO P.D. -- "Ties That Bind" Episode 614 -- Pictured: Tracy Spiridakos as Hailey Upton -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein) /

Chicago PD season 6 has unanswered questions, including about Hailey Upton. Here’s what we want to know about Tracy Spiridakos’s character.

While One Chicago fans wait for the season to resume, we’re passing the time by looking at the characters with the biggest problems to resolve—including Chicago PD‘s Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos).

We’ll break down Upton’s big issue below, then tell us what you think she should do in the rest of the season in the comments at the bottom of this article.

What’s the issue?

What does Upton want out of her relationship with Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger), who’s all in on their romance—possibly more than Upton is?

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What should she do?

Upton and Ruzek becoming a couple is the biggest subplot in Chicago PD season 6. Ever since viewers saw them wake up in bed together after the first crossover, Upzek has had a bigger share of screen time than anyone else’s personal life.

But does anyone else get the sense that Ruzek is more into Upton, than she is into him? Adam seems happy to get affectionate with Hailey anytime, even when they’re at work, but he’s the one who appears to initiate most of it.

And he even floated the idea of them moving in together, although it doesn’t appear to have actually happened.

It wouldn’t be the first time Ruzek has moved fast in a relationship; we’re talking about a man who’s been engaged to be married three times, including to one of their co-workers. But Chicago PD hasn’t really shown how strongly Upton feels about Ruzek. She likes him, likes spending time with him, but is she committed to him as the person she wants to go forward with?

She should either find that out, or have a conversation with Adam about what she wants, because he thinks it’s all awesome.

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What does it all mean?

Chicago PD has gotten plenty of mileage out of Ruzek and Upton, and by extension Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati), his ex-fiancee. That’s pretty much over now, since Burgess found out about the two in “Ties That Bind”, so now what? How about figuring out where this is all going past that reveal?

There hasn’t been a serious figuring out of this relationship. We haven’t seen many moments where they seem to know what they want, let alone for the audience to figure that out. Ruzek comforted Upton when she revealed her abuse, but when Ruzek’s dad was shot, Upton didn’t appear any more concerned for him than she would for anyone else in that situation.

And the show teased the idea of him wanting to move in together, but that got dropped off-screen without another word about it. Why bring that up then? There’s a lot of ambiguity, and especially given Upton’s past with interoffice relationships (see the video above), why is she putting herself out there like this again? Hopefully Chicago PD season 6 will make her end of this clearer, because that’s what we need to really invest in this pairing.

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