Are Will and Hannah going to last in Chicago Med season 6?

CHICAGO MED -- "The Ghosts Of The Past" Episode 517 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jessy Schram as Dr. Hannah Asher, Nick Gehlfuss as Dr. Will Halstead -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)
CHICAGO MED -- "The Ghosts Of The Past" Episode 517 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jessy Schram as Dr. Hannah Asher, Nick Gehlfuss as Dr. Will Halstead -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC) /

Do Chicago Med’s Will Halstead and Hannah Asher have a future?

This week Chicago Med re-airs the episode where Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) first hooked up with Dr. Hannah Asher (recurring guest star Jessy Schram), beginning one of the show’s more surprising relationships.

In “I Will Do No Harm” Will started the episode in Hannah’s bed, and ended it by finding out there were drugs in her car.

Over the next five episodes, Will and Hannah remained a couple, even as she went to rehab and returned to work, and even though Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) cautioned Will about sleeping with a recovering addict.

Fans, meanwhile, were divided about the pairing—not only because of Hannah’s addiction but because they weren’t sure if she was a good match for Will.

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So what does Chicago Med season 6 hold for this unexpected couple? Are fans going to see more of Will and Hannah when the show returns, and if so, how much should we really invest in them?

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Before, whenever Will dated someone else, fans knew it was just a stopgap until he got back with ex-fiancee Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto). One of the show’s common devices was to come up with other love interests for one or both characters, until one of them came running back to the other.

But the Chicago Med producers have been vocal about how they intend to pair Natalie with Dr. Crockett Marcel (Dominic Rains) next season. With Natalie and Crockett on their to-do list, then Will and Hannah will almost certainly still be together, since another Manstead reconciliation won’t be happening.

Will they last for the whole season? That’s another question, again dependent on how much the writers like Natalie and Crockett. Will could break up with Hannah at some point over his feelings for Natalie, like he did with Dr. Nina Shore (Patti Murin), and then Crockett could be the third wheel in another relationship. Or Natalie could reject Will outright, the same way he did to her in season 5, and leave him single and broken-hearted.

With as much romantic drama as Chicago Med has, anything is possible.

But if Will and Hannah are going to stay a couple next season, they need to have a serious talk about her being a recovering addict. Throughout Hannah’s storyline, Will has been something of a doormat with her. He may have threatened to report her, but he also gave her the benefit of the doubt a lot, and even talking about whether or not it was right for them to date got truncated by them going back to her apartment.

And of course, there’s the fact he slept with her in the first place.

Chicago Med didn’t dig seriously into her addiction or her recovery process; as soon as “I Will Do No Harm” aired, the plotline became about Hannah’s relationship with Will, and little else. By the time season 6 starts, they’ll have been together for a few months; this would be the time to do more than have cute couple moments.

Maybe Will takes Hannah to a meeting, or goes with her to one. Maybe Hannah opens up more to Will about what started her addiction in the first place. Perhaps somebody else finally questions Hannah’s past erratic behavior (we’re looking at you, Elsa) and Hannah has to prove that she isn’t that person anymore. Why not have her face some consequences, since she’s never been pushed by anybody other than Will?

This pairing didn’t catch on immediately, and that’s because it doesn’t feel like it’s complete just yet. If the writers are going to continue down this road, and all evidence points to the fact that they are, they need to invest just as much into this pairing as they want the audience to invest in it.

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